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FAQs on ReviveAll(TM)

How can I understand how floral essences work?

Can FlorAlive« UNCUT Flower Essences help transition from emotional trauma to prosperity?

What's the best way to take the drops of FlorAlive« Flower Essences?

How did Floralive« discover UNCUT flower essences?


FlorAlive« and PRL Product Directory

Floralive« Flower Frequencies - to help remove defeating subconscious beliefs and emotional trauma

PRL Herbal and Homeopathic Greats - to aid resolution in a wide variety of both acute and chronic health conditions

PRL Single Herb Remedies - to assist in elevating mood and enhancing immune function

PRL Specialty and Combination Remedies - to help with chronic illnesses and difficult health challenges


Divinely touched flowers offer us astonishing grace... 

At no time in human history has it been more critical to identify and remove obstacles to the evolution of human consciousness, thereby enabling a process of balance and the restoration of personal and planetary health.

Blocks to the evolution of human consciousness reside in the unconscious or subconscious parts of our mind, and that is precisely the challenge: we are not aware that the limitations exist within us, nor are we aware that they are quietly operating all of the time. Over many years, Dr. Davis (the founder of FlorAlive«) was guided to find the six extraordinary flowers in ReviveAll(TM) which have the properties described below.

ReviveAll(TM) Blend: Assists in releasing subconscious limitations to abundance
Maquilina - Helps to counter futility & hopelessness. It removes the very common sabotaging SUBconsious belief "No matter what action I take, I will be defeated."
Wild Iris - Helps to counter feelings of being alone and unsafe. It abolishes the unconscious belief, "I am disconnected from the source of ALL life."
Tulip Poplar - Astonishing in promoting self-esteem. It corrects the problem of NOT believing subconsciously, "My self-esteem is strong and balanced."
Blue Eyed Grass - Helps transmute feelings of rage and upset from (past) emotional and physical abuse & trauma. An incredibly important flower in this era.
May Apple - Helps to transmute feeling of inadequacy. It removes the defeating subconscious belief: "I lose my power when others invalidate me."
Pink Lady Slipper - A great strengthener of trust. It removes the common defeating unconscious belief, "I do NOT trust in my life."

How can I understand how floral essences work?

Dr. Brent W. Davis divides his time between his integrative healing and chiropractic practice in Nashville, Tennessee and the FlorAlive« forest/farm/training center about 75 miles outside Nashville. He travels internationally to photograph, study, and prepare highly energized flowers which have the potential of becoming new flower essences. When not traveling, he teaches seminars and is a sought-after conference speaker. In the videos below he explains his work.


Can FlorAlive« Uncut Flower Essences help transition from emotional trauma to prosperity?


What's the best way to take FlorAlive« Flower Essences?


How did FlorAlive« discover UNCUT flower essences?

FlorAlive« is an outgrowth of the herbal research and clinical practice of Dr. Brent W. Davis, who as a young practitioner founded Phytotherapy Research Laboratories, Inc. (PRL) to manufacture the highest quality fresh plant herbal extracts possible for health professionals.

PRL continues to this day, and its products are used and highly esteemed by leading health professionals internationally. At the turn of the millennium, however, Dr. Davis shifted the focus of his research and practice to the discovery, clinical proving and production of our patented UNCUT flower(TM) essences.

This research took him to some of the last pristine places on Earth, where he encountered the divine Source frequencies of certain extraordinary plants, often growing around vortices of enormous "information transfer" downloading to Earth. Traditional healers frequently lead him to these remote and sacred environments.

Aware of the power of intention in achieving a goal, Dr. Davis created patented methods of collection and extraction that are in harmony with the healing intentions of Nature. (The designation "UNCUT" refers to a unique, co-operative, non-invasive approach to the plants themselves, necessary for the highly sensitive process of full transfer of their healing information.)

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ReviveAll(TM) Blend

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