FlorAlive« Pure Potential(TM): Acts as an energetic shield to assist your body in deflecting and removing emotional blocks

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Floralive« Flower Frequencies - to help remove defeating subconscious beliefs and emotional trauma

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Start your transformation today!

For a very long time, in a remote high mountain valley in the Andes, a seemingly miraculous phenomenon has been occurring. Certain flowers from this special place on Earth are said to accumulate pure power to assist us personally in our wellbeing and in our spiritual evolution. You might call them God's helpers for our time of need.

We have found this hidden valley, and for a decade have carefully studied and collected the precious energy there in the form of transformational flower frequencies. With the flowers' permission, using our patented method, we have placed their energy into Pure Potential.(TM)

Introducing... Our Greatest Product!

Pure Potential(TM) is a product created for everyone. It acts like a huge ENERGY SHIELD, deflecting and removing harm and distortions that disturb our body and spirit. It is a sacred power from a deep inner tradition that we have been allowed to bring forth.

FlorAlive« Uncut Flower Essences: Rapid Life Transformation

Dr. Brent W. Davis divides his time between his integrative healing and chiropractic practice in Nashville, Tennessee and the FlorAlive« forest/farm/training center about 75 miles outside Nashville. He travels internationally to photograph, study, and prepare highly energized flowers which have the potential of becoming new flower essences. When not traveling, he teaches seminars and is a sought-after conference speaker. Here he explains how FlorAlive« products can quickly change your life.


We believe the legendary benefits of these flower frequencies are true. Their purpose is:


  1. To help us clear and upgrade our unconscious mind so that we can more easily overcome life obstacles and diminish stress
  2. To add light into our being
  3. To help us prepare for the transition to earth's golden age, and to assist us in mastering the transformations of 2012 and beyond.
What could be easier than simply adding drops of Pure Potential(TM) to a small amount of drinking water or other liquid in order to experience positive life changes and more easily overcome obstacles?



To test yourself to see if you need this flower essence, muscle test or dowse for the phrase: "I am free from the influence of negative forces and fields directed at me." If your muscles go weak or your dowsing implement shows you a negative result, you may need this specific UNCUT flower essence. Pure Potential(TM) can energetically manifest a positive reality with a protection from negativity.

Below are just two of twenty-six unscripted video testimonials that Pure Potential(TM) users have sent to us. You too can experience remarkable and rapid transformation. Choose the LIGHT!

Chiropractic Physcian says "Floralive creates a positive quantum event"


FlorAlive« Uncut Flower Essences: Tia realizes an awareness of God


These energized drops may be placed:


  • in the water you drink
  • in your bath water or foot baths
  • added to water that is sprayed for energetic purification and clearing of spaces





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Pure Potential(TM)

Acts like a huge ENERGY SHIELD, deflecting and removing harm and distortions.

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