Chlorella: A super-nutrient that helps detoxify heavy metals

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FAQs about Lidtke Chlorella

Can Chlorella help with removing mercury from my body?

How are the toxins in the body eliminated using Chlorella?

How can a single-celled plant provide so much nutrition?

If algae and chlorella remove toxins, won't they accumulate in my body?

Aren't all chlorella products alike?

Can Lidtke Chlorella help with stress?

What other benefits does Lidtke Chlorella have?

Will Chlorella stimulate the growth of tumors?

How much should I take?


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How was Chlorella discovered to have detoxifying properties?

Algae and other aquatic plants have been discovered to possess the capacity to take up toxic trace metals from their environment. This results in an internal concentrationin the algae that is greater than toxins in those of the surrounding waters. Over time, this property has been exploited as a means for treating industrial effluent or waste containing metals before they are discharged. This helps to recover the bioavailable, beneficial fraction of the metal.

Chlorella has been shown to develop resistance to cadmium contaminated waters by synthesizing metal-binding proteins. A book written for the mining industry, Biosorption of Heavy Metals, details how miners use these algae organisms to increase the yield of precious metals in old mines. The mucopolysaccharides in chlorella's cell wall absorb rather large amounts of toxic metals similar to an ion exchange resin.

Can Chlorella help with removing mercury from my body?

Chlorella also enhances mobilization of mercury compartmentalized in non-neurologic structures such as the gut wall, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and bone. High doses of chlorella have been found to be very effective in German studies for mercury elimination.

How are the toxins in the body eliminated using Chlorella?

Chlorella is an important part of the systemic mercury elimination program, as approximately 90% of the mercury is eliminated through the stool. Using large doses of chlorella facilitates fecal mercury excretion. After the intestinal mercury burden is lowered, mercury will more readily migrate into the intestine from other body tissues from where chlorella will effectively remove it.

How can a single-celled plant provide so much nutrition?

Chlorella is a basic food. In fact, it's one of "THE most basic" foods on Earth because it comes primarily from simple single cell algae plants that grow in fresh water. You might even think of it as an almost perfect food because it helps:

  • support the health of your immune system
  • supply a high-level of chlorphyll with green algae and micro algae to aid in cleansing
  • detoxify heavy metals and pesticides from your liver, blood and the rest of your body
  • improve your digestive system
  • normalize beneficial bowel flora
  • decrease the likelihood of constipation
  • promote rapid growth of lactobacillus
  • increase your level of focus and concentration
  • boost your energy level by cleansing of the bowel, bloodstream and liver
  • balance your blood sugar and blood pressure
  • speed up the healing rate of any damaged tissue because of the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)
  • eliminate bad breath
  • fight cancer

Lidtke Chlorella gives you far more nutrition than vitamins or other algaes. Because Chlorella is a whole food, it is bio-chelated. That means it is naturally encased in amino acids so that it can be more readily absorbed by the body. Off-the-shelf vitamins that you purchase at health food stores, on the other hand, are merely artificially attached together to make it look like they provide balanced nutrition.

If algae and chlorella remove toxins, won't they accumulate in my body?

Chlorella provides an amazing array of usable nutrients that don't accumulate in your body and subsequently become toxic.

Chlorella is loaded with high quality components from three algae and two cereal grasses, including:

chlorella, spirulina, blue-green algae, wheatgrass and barley grass.

Each is an excellent source of nutrition but chlorella much richer in chlorophyll than the others.

CAUTION: START SLOWLY TO MINIMIZE A HEALING CRISIS As the toxins are flushed from your body, you may experience bouts of discomfort as they are released. You may experience nausea, irritability lethargy or fatigue. This is natural and to be expected. To minimize this problem, start off slowly. If you have any problems or concerns, please consult your personal health practitioner.

Aren't all chlorella products similar?

In a word, NO. Lidtke Chlorella is uniquely loaded with high quality nutritional/phytochemical components from three algae and two cereal grasses, including: chlorella algae, spirulina, blue-green algae, wheatgrass and barley grass. Each is an excellent source of nutrition BUT Lidtke Chlorella much richer in chlorophyll than the others because it is:

  • A complete and exceptional source of nutrition. It contains more chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, mega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber and nine essential amino acids to give your body most of the nutrients it needs.
  • An efficient detoxifier. It helps your body gently remove heavy metals and other contaminants.
  • Grown safely and cleanly in a closed tank cultivation. That process removes the risk of environmental contamination that can happen in a pond, lake or sea environment.
  • An all-natural vegetarian product. There is no added gluten, wheat or dairy or other common allergens to stress the immune system.
  • Completely digestible. It has a thin cell wall; so there is no need for cracking the cell wall, unlike other products that have tough cell walls that prevent their nutrients from being utilized by the body.
  • High in protein content. When dried, it's about 50 percent protein, notes Dhyana Bewicke and Beverly A. Potter, authors of "Chlorella: The Emerald Food." It also provides healthful polyunsaturated fatty acids. About 20 percent of these are omega-3 fatty acids.

Can Lidtke Chlorella help with stress?

Yes. Research seems to support that taking Chlorella can:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Enhance immune support
  • Combat stress because it's rich in Vitamin B
  • Support the adrenal system, nervous system and glucose metabolism
  • Promote healthy red blood and nerve cells for healthy metabolic functions

What other benefits does Lidtke Chlorella have?

There are eight distinct benefits.

  1. A unique, pure protective approach. Lidtke Chlorella is grown in closed tanks in a pure environment that protects the growing chlorella from industrial pollution.
  2. Free from environmental contaminants. Most chlorella products are grown outdoors in ponds, exposed to industrial pollution, dirt, insects, and radioactive fallout.
  3. An even growth cycle. Other chlorella products are grown outdoors seasonally where daily temperatures result in fluctuations that can create a tough, outer shell that must be mechanically cracked or broken to allow it to be digestible. Lidtke's process is consistent throughout the year.
  4. Loaded with nutritional power. Lidtke Chlorella is an exceptional source of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and other phytonutrients.
  5. A complete superfood. Chlorella is a complete source of essential amino acids and is one of the most complete food sources on the planet.
  6. A safeguard for the immune system. It's vegetarian. No added gluten, wheat, dairy, or other common allergens
  7. Easy to use. The recommended use is 3 g/day (one tsp.) Just take with water. Great for today's active lifestyles.
  8. Offers a choice . Choose from 120 capsules, or 4 oz.powder Recommended for heavy metal detoxification.
NOTE: Demonstrates anti-tumor properties when fed to mice.*

* If you are pregnant, lactating, taking medications, or if you have special food sensitivities, please check with your pharmacist or physician. No added gluten, yeast, wheat, corn, milk or dairy products, lactose, egg, nuts, fish, shell-fish, grapefruit, artificial color, artificial flavor, sodium, sugar, preservatives, or other common allergens.

Will Chlorella stimulate the growth of tumors?

While Chlorella promotes normal growth of tissues, it does not stimulate the growth of disease processes such as tumors. However, it can act as an anti-inflammatory, so individuals suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia might find relief after using Chlorella.

How much should I take?

You should always check with your health practitioner. for your individual health. The recommended use is 3 capsules per day or 1 teaspoon of powder. Chlorella comes is two forms 120 capsules or 4 oz. of powder in glass bottles.


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