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Note: We are in the process of setting up a new shopping cart. Short descriptions plus prices of the single herbal remedies (H-Z) are listed below. You can also use the navigation to the left.

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The following single remedies are presented in alphabetical order, according to the first letter of each product name. They are all available in 1 fl. oz. bottles unless otherwise noted.

There are 35 different kinds currently in this products line. If you'd like to search by symptom or illness just use the search box at the top left of this (or any) page.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please contact your physician or health care practitioner.

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Hawthorne Berry, True List Price: $18.00 Can be used to strengthen the heart. Also helps increase trophic function of cardiac muscle in the aged especially.


Larrea List Price: $12.00 Assists the body in recovering from cases of drug abuse, especially cocaine. Also helps with inflammation, viral, bacterial and some fungal infections.


Melissa Officinalis List Price: $12.00 Used since ancient times to give the body support as a sedative for intense heat and nervous irritation. Can also be used for hyperactivity, hyperacidic stomach with nervousness, insomnia, etc.


Motherwort List Price: $12.00 Can be used to help the body support the heart and reproductive health. May be used for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea or functional heart palpitations that may occur with PMS.


Oregon Grape Root List Price: $13.00 For intestinal and flora imbalances like Candida. Also helps the body regain health with liver/large intestine dysfunction, sluggish bowels and weak kidney energy.


Passion Flower List Price: $12.00 Thought to be one of the best mental sedatives. Can be used to support the body's nervousness, insomnia, mental restlessness, especially with shaking in the hands.


Pau D'Arco List Price: $12.00 Assists the body in re-balancing vaginal and intestinal candidiasis, especially when they exist concurrently.


Red Clover Flowers List Price: $12.00 Can help the body in releasing heavy metals. May also enhance mineral absorption. Assists in coughs and bronchial afflictions. Also helps with some mild chronic diseases.


Red Raspberry List Price: $12.00 Helpful in pregnancy because of its reported support to the body to strengthen the uterus, promote easier delivery, discourage miscarriage and promote lactation.


Sacred Dock List Price: $13.00 Helps the body re-balance from loose stools or diarrhea, chelation of heavy metals. Supports intestinal and overall health.


Slippery Elm List Price: $12.00 Helps coat, soothe and build mucosa, especialy in the gastro-intestinal tract. Can also help the body more easily pass large, dry stools. May help lubricate in childbirth.


Sweet Leaf List Price: $14.00 Can be used specifically for thrush and other Candidas. Helps cool heat and retain fluids. Can be used to relax the nerves, especially with diarrhea or constipation, etc.


Tribulus Terrestris (Puncture Vine) List Price: $13.00 Helps the body remove mental, nervous and physical weakness. Also beneficial for impotency. May increase libido, erectile function and concentration of spermatozoa, etc.


Uva Ursi List Price: $13.00 Can be used as an antiseptic in acute cystitis. Shown to be helpful to the body as a genitourinary tonic , diuretic, astringent, renal antiseptic.



Valerian List Price: $10.00 May be used for the body to support relaxation to the nerves and muscles for temporary relief. Also helps with colon spasms and back spasms. Can be useful for fertility therapy as well.

Vitex (Chasteberry) List Price: $10.00

Walt(TM) List Price: $14.00 An anti-viral extract that helps the body deal with sore throats, re-occuring Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and liver dysfunction due to stress, etc.

Withania Longevity List Price: $11.00 Can work as an adaptogen to help the body prevent aging and promote longevity. Increases resistance to stressors. May enhance fertility in men and women. Supports kidney.



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