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Looking for help with arthritis or inflammation?

One of the main causes of arthritis and other types of inflammation is the excess accumulation of free radicals. In arthritis this occurs specifically in the joint capsule, which is the fluid-filled sac surrounding every joint in the body.

This fluid or "joint oil" is kept healthy with the help of enzymes produced by the body. The enzymes act like soap--so they clean away the free radicals, keeping the joint or other inflammed areas of the body properly lubricated and nourished and allowing free movement and overall health. Without the help of enzymes, the free radicals would slowly eat away the lining of the joint capsule in arthritis, causing pain and swelling. Similarly, other areas of the body that have inflammation might show deterioration and weakening from free radical damage.

Also keep in mind that pets with arthritis can exhibit the same stiff, painful legacy of the disease as their joints get seemingly "frozen" into position.

What causes arthritis and inflammation?

First, it helps to know where free radicals come from. Free radicals are formed during normal cellular metabolism, when cells take in nutrients, assimilate and utilize the nutrients, and then excrete the waste products. Some of these waste products are free radicals. Arthritis and inflammation are thought to be caused by an over-production of toxins and wastes that in turn overwhelm the body making it impossible to completely eliminate the toxic products.

Is there a link to food?

Rancid fats and moldy grains are two leading sources of free radical production in both animals and humans. But where do these rancid fats and moldy grains come from?

Fat is an essential ingredient in any diet. Rancidity is caused by oxidation of fats during processing or storage of foods. Mold, too, often occurs from storage conditions. Often chemicals which are sprayed or added to foods to help control rancidity and mold and other problems increase free radical production in foods. Chemicals and pollutants in our air, water and food supply also significantly increase free radical production in the body. So, it's easy to see how the body can get overwhelmed with work.

Free radicals, if they are not neutralized by antioxidants, will cause damage to the body's tissue systems.

There is, however, protection. Many cases of arthritis and inflammation will respond effectively and quickly to a selected diet of fresh foods avoiding rancid fats, moldy grains and chemicals that are present in processed, commercial foods. Also consider that since most pet owners must rely on the convenience of commercial foods for their animal friends, it becomes doubly important to supplement their animal's diets with antioxidants as well as their own human diets.

The addition of a supplement like ANTIOX COMPLEX can be the ultimate tool for the detoxification of cells in both humans and pets.

What is ANTIOX?

ANTIOX is an advanced antioxidant enzyme formula modified from an earlier formula by Jim Fahey, Ph.D. in response to the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. As part of the U.S. delegation sent to Russia, Dr. Fahey successffully used ANTIOX COMPLEX in working with Russian children exposed to nuclear fallout.

Not only did it significantly lower cesium (an element that is mildly toxic plus is considered a hazardous material associated with radiation leaks) levels in his test group, but ANTIOX COMPLEX also provided protection against the massive levels of pesticides present in the Russian countryside. Furthermore, improvements in the children's attention span were noted. This was all documented in a study released by the Belarus Ministry of Health.

How does ANTIOX work?

The antioxidant enzymes in ANTIOX are powerful free radical scavengers. In fact, these are the very enzymes that the body itself produces internally to combat these damaging molecules, and that help the liver detoxify a wide array of toxins and wastes.

Given that free radicals are implicated in just about every degenerative disease (from arthritis to cardiovascular disease to cancer), as well as in the aging process itself, the potential applications of ANTIOX are very broad indeed. Below is a brief summary of the primary activity of each of the constituent antioxidant enzymes.

How and what do the enzymes in ANTIOX do to detoxify my cells?

ANTIOX is manufactured from a carefully-made and proprietary blend of sprout extracts, prepared under strictly controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, light, etc.), and processed with minimal heat to ensure the bioactivity of its antioxidant enzymes.

Even the tableting of the caplets is performed using a slow, low heat process. The result is a concentrated blend of the following enzymes that allow your body to protect its cells: glutathione peroxidase (GP), superoxide dismutase (SOD), methionine reductase (MET), and catalase (CAT).

The ability of ANTIOX to significantly increase these enzyme levels in humans has been independently confirmed by FDA approved labs, indicating the viability and potency of the product.


  • SOD and CATALASE A highly effective antioxidant is the enzyme combination of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and and catalase. These two enzymes are produced in the cells of both animals and humans. We are each born with an enzyme "reserve tank". Babies have twice as much SOD-catalase as adults. These SOD-catalase enzymes are THE MOST EFFICIENT free radical destroyers. They also help remove other poisons and toxins. SOD also helps to counteract inflammatory joint diseases such as arthritis, bursitis and gout.
  • GP (Glutathione Peroxidase) is also a key player in quenching and lessening free radical activity (expecially peroxides) in catalyzing the liver's detoxification pathways and in extending the lifespan of vitamin E (and, by extension vitamin C). Consisting of bioactive selenium bonded to the glutathione tripeptide, glutathione peroxidase is particuularly effective at protecting the all-important cell membranes from lipid peroxidation (the process in which free radicals "steal" electrons from the lipids in cell membranes, resulting in cell damage).
  • MET (Methionine Reductase) is especially helpful and effective at removing the highly toxic hydroxyl radicals, commonly associated with mercury and other heavy metals, industrial pollution and radiation exposure. As the radicals are produced by strenuous exercise, methionine reductase is also useful in helping to improve athlete's recovery time.

How can ANTIOX help with stress, trauma, disease and infection?

Stress of all kinds is definitely the number one cause of disease and discomfort in many people's lives today. That stress whether mental, emotional or physical can result in ill health, tension, strains on relationships, aging and any other number of distresses.

In his Guide to Cellular Stress, Dr. Jim Fahey discusses the four main types of stress and how to positively cope with its effects on your life, including how ANTIOX COMPLEX can help the body reduce and alleviate most kinds of stress.

What research is available about ANTIOX following the Chernobyl study?

When the nuclear reactor accident happened in Chernobyl in Russia in 1986, Dr. Jim Fahey was part of a U.S. delegation sent there to see if their work could help alleviate the ill effects of the high levels of radiation on the population. Dr. Fahey's research showed that his product ANTIOX COMPLEX was successful in reducing the contamination from radiation and pesticides. To see a copy of his report, click here.

How much ANTIOX should I take?

Suggested Dosage: First two weeks take 5 caplets per day one hour before eating on an empty stomach...thereafter take 3 caplets or as directed by a health care practitioner. Results are nutritional only.




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ANTIOX COMPLEX for Arthritis or Other Inflammatory Issues


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